Transport & Logistics

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Thanks to our favourable traffic location directly on the Bundesstraße 33 and an infrastructure that has been optimised for decades, we are able to operate at maximum speed in transport and logistics.

We further strengthened this advantage in 2020. Since then, we have been one of the few sawmills in Germany to have our own logistics area. Our 9 trucks operate in two shifts almost around the clock for our roundwood suppliers.

Thanks to short communication channels within our company, we can coordinate timber transport between the forest and the sawmill quickly and flexibly. This means that we can quickly remove timber from large cuts and quickly free up the storage space needed by our forestry operations.

At the same time, our internal logistics enable us to work "just in sequence". This means that the wood is delivered in the order in which it is needed in the sawmill for further processing. This saves us time without having to sacrifice quality.

Short distances

Thanks to our internal logistics, we control all transport tasks ourselves. This enables us to fast and flexible handling and a smooth running.

High impact

With Nine longwood and shortwood trains it is possible with a high impact to act when, during a cut, timber has to be removed to make room in the forest.


Our perfect infrastructure and the convenient location directly on the B33

also enable us to work with special Customer wishes a fast and short-term Delivery.